Kolomenskoe Museum and Park

  • Duration: 3h.
  • Days off:monday

Kolomenskoye is the old imperial estate that boasts of having the most attractive and picturesque landscape. It is a real must-see place for anybody staying in our Russian capital.

There are volumes of interesting and useful information about the first settlement, built about 2000 ago, very close to the Kolomenskoye estate. For more than five centuries, the much loved Kolomenskoye was the princes and tsar’s country residence.

Standard excursion tour includes:

 - Sightseeing tour around the territory of museum preserve (exploring of heritage assets of Russian architecture, such as: Church of Great Martyr St. George the Victorious, Water tower, Church of our Lady of Kazan, One of the most stunning churches and finest examples of Russian tent-roofed architecture in the country, the 62-meter Church of the Ascension built by Italian well-known architects and belongs to UNESCO World Heritage, and is a beautiful place for summer sunbathing or, a simple walk along the snow-covered landscapes during the winter)

Exploring samples of ancient architecture (there are assets of artifacts of wooden architecture, collected from different parts of the country)

Visiting of House of Peter the Great

Exploring the permanent exposition at the Front Gate


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  • Guide services.
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