How to get a visa to Russia? step by step

How to obtain Russian visa?think smile.png

To obtain the visa to Russia you should to consider the following steps:

 Step 1: Term of trip: 

Necessary to define the dates and duration of  your trip – you have to decide for yourself, are you coming to Russia once or twice within 30 days, once / twice within 2- 3 months OR you want to come to Russia several times within a year. When you answer to these questions you will understand what kind of visa is necessary to ask for, and consequently what type of visa support you need. 

The basis for obtaining the Russian visa is an invitation. 

Step 2: Process of invitation:

If you have already known what type of visa you need, then you can fill out the application directly online on our website:

If you fill out application for tourist invitation you will have it on your E-mail IN A FEW SECONDS after paying securely online ! The application is right here Стрелка

For other types of invitations (business original or business Telex) after filling out the application you will get the requested invitation according to the term of process  Стрелка

The next step after getting the requested invitation is

Step 3: Applying for visa at Russian Consulate in your city/Country:

The application form and other requirements of Russian Consulate you can find here Стрелка