Tourist visa invitation

Tourist / travel visa support (Tourist invitation):

It's the fastest and easiest type of visa, ONLY if you need to stay in Russia up to 30 days and with single or double entry. However if you're going to stay in Russia for more than 30 days and want to visit more than twice, then you need to make a business visa.

The tourist (travel) invitation consists of two parts: tourist confirmation and tourist voucher. Actually a copy of the invitation is acceptable to the Russian consulate, but sometimes they require the original, in this case we could ship the original invitation by express delivery services (DHL, UPS or TNT) for additional fee. For applying the tourist visa at the Consulate of Russian Federation you should submit the following documents:       

  • Visa support invitation; 
  • Your Passport; 
  • Three passport-size photos learn more;
  • Filled in visa application form

    You can get the application free of charge at the Consulate.

Currency :
Number of entries Term of processing
(business days)
Single entry 1-14 days 1 1 100 rub Apply Now
Double-entry 1-14 days 1 2 000 rub Apply Now
Single entry 14-30 days 1 1 500 rub Apply Now
Double-entry 14-30 days 1 2 500 rub Apply Now